May 08, 2007



Dear Killer, I hope you like it back up there in Ramulac. I am so glad your Mom knew you would have blogged - I totally get it! When mortal life gets me droopy and sad, I'm going to re-read your blog or get someone to RMB (Rub My Belly). My favorite quote of yours is: "Life is Delicious" - right on! Ciao, Jacquie

Mackenzie Baker

Hi, this is kenzie. Lisa breeden garcia signed a copy of If a dog could blog and my uncle barry and aunt paula gave it to me. I have a little story to tell about my basset hound that happened just about 15-20 mins ago. We were going to have steaks tonight (I think you now where this is going) with french onion soup. We also have some cats (one that has been lost for about 7 mouths but people have seen about 3 mounths ago). One of the cats,Yang likes to take things off of tables, beds and chairs(which includs my camera)...the steaks were on the kitchen table. Any way long story sort they got on the floor and fell into my waiting basset Barneys mouth, and now we just have soup. I will be writing to you a lot about yang aswell as barney (christmas is coming up) in the near future, you can also email me. Thank you, Kenzie and barney

Mackenzie Baker

it's me again!!! I just posted my firt comment when i relized that I forgot to say how much I liked the book. It made me want to go RUB BARNEYS BELLY!!!!!!!!!!! kenzie

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